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    A proud Canadian company, Strength Finance provides the Complete Finance Sales Solution.
    We empower businesses of all sizes to effectively utilize finance.
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    Strength Finance provides unique, partner branded selling tools.
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Since 1997 Strength Finance has been building a proven and strong foundation on consulting and training, becoming a leader in innovative sales and finance point of sale development.

Creative Ideas

Focusing on conceptual training of individuals for behavior modification change (in all sales environments), has led to the evolution of finance becoming a critical factor in today’s credit driven economy.

Excellent Features

Strength Finance has bridged the gap between sales representative and the consumer with a complete finance sales solution including training, to easily present a finance option and fulfill consumer wants – not needs.

Fully Responsive

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Finance Solutions For:

Manufacturer's / Distributor's

National Finance Service Solution for ALL sales related industries. Get increased sales with your own branded finance program for your dealer network. Create more loyalty and overall brand awareness.


Home Improvement

Provide financing options to your customers for any home improvement work. Close on payment and not on cash while helping your customer expand their budget and obtain the home renovation they want.


Vehicles, Power Products & Trailers

A truly cost effective, affordable and revolutionary financial services solution proven to increase sales. Strength Finance provides finance sales training for YOU and YOUR STAFF to better position your services and


Health Care Practices & Retail Companies

Purchases from $1,000+ qualify. Give your patients the treatments or customers the products/services they really want and need through our Finance Sales Solution. Ideal for Dental, Cosmetic, Veterinarian, Laser & ALL retail Environments


  • Proven Solution to double or triple YOUR cash transactions
  • Branded Partner Finance Website - Professional
  • Easy "Quick Quote" Payment Presentation - Closing the Sale
  • Customer Online Credit Application - Limit Exposure
  • Ongoing Sales Force Finance Training - More Closes, Bigger Jobs
  • Marketing Support - Increase Market share & Awareness
  • Finance Promotions (3 & 6 mth deferral) - Create Excitement
  • Managed Applications - More Approvals (Currently 80%+)
  • Rates from 6.99%, 1k - 65k, 10 yr. term - Affordable Low Payments

Main Services Overview

Finance Sales Solution

We have created a secure online finance sales system to be used by any sales representative to easily & effectively present and close a payment quoting scenario. Clients apply privately and SF manages the information which dramatically increases approval rates and closing ratios. This enables all our partners to focus on sales, not on finance in today's ever complicated and administratively frustrating environment.

  • Larger sized closes - 100% of the time
  • More approvals - fewer lost deals
  • No more awkward credit applications
  • Ongoing training and marketing support

National / Regional Manufacturer's & Distributor's Finance Programs

SF will create a National or Regional Finance Sales Solution for your products or service that is consistent throughout your Dealer Network. Market your brand through a unified and controlled finance outlet which guarantees dramatic increased sales, enhanced dealer loyalty, new creative marketing, and a huge value added proposition. Have your field manage accounts not just as a supplier, but as a true partner in increasing profits. Let us show you how, get in touch with us today!

  • Create your own Finance Program
  • Market Payments instead of discounts
  • Enhance Dealer Loyalty with Finance incentives
  • Increase Product Branding & Market share

Management / Sales Consulting & Training

SF institutes practical solutions not just theories and teaches the members of your team how to adapt to sales situations with no-nonsense approaches that gets to the point. Without our client specific sales and management training combined with better management and reporting processes. SF will increase profitability and establish a long last corporate sales environment.

  • Sales Team Account Development / Servicing
  • Strategic Performance Analysis / Assessment
  • Process Management & Implementation
  • Hands on Training & Development

Mortgages and Lines of Credit - Business & Personal

Due to our extensive Banking Brokerage networking capabilities, Strength Finance can arrange for professional mortgage and line of credit services, both residential and commercial. Many cases its not just what you know, but who you know, so we will take advantage of that for you!

Merchant Credit Card & Debit Services

Special Lowest Merchant rates for selective partners in providing credit card processing solutions with terminals, mobile apps, virtual terminals, online payments, and ACH/EFT processing...(Just a 1% difference can help save you thousands!)

Sales Development Programs and Ongoing Training

Consulting and training for a rapidly changing marketplace is no longer about short term gains. Every company that wants to succeed, surpassing the competition with larger market shares and more customer retention, needs a long term strategy to ensure their place in the market.

Strength Finance institutes practical solutions, not just theories, and teaches the members of your team how to adapt with our hands on training and no-nonsense approach that gets to the point.

We'll show you the fundamentals of your business, and suggest changes and new ideas, perhaps taking out some older, non-functional aspects that no longer fit into the scheme of your business.

Strength Finance has innovative and productive consultation and training sessions for the corporate sector. Many of our philosophies have been put to use in both theoretical and practical situations, having been adopted by companies around the continent. Strength Finance can help your business including all levels of personnel including: Presidents, Directors, National and Regional Managers, District Managers, Account Managers and Sales staff. With consultancy and training we will increase profitability through better management process, reporting and client specific sales training.

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